Major Milestones


Vincent Memorial Hospital (VMH) is founded by friends of Mary Ann Vincent, a generous Boston actress. Grace Wolcott, MD, and Lena V. Ingraham, MD, are the first doctors of this freestanding 12-bed facility for women in need, originally located at 44 Chambers St. in Boston, near Massachusetts General Hospital.


The VMH moves to a larger facility on South Huntington Ave. in Boston.


Recognizing the tremendous potential of merging the VMH with the broad resources of Mass General, the VMH relocates to the Mass General campus, where it becomes the gynecology service while retaining its own hospital identity and staff.


The VMH moves to the newly completed Vincent Burnham Building on the Mass General campus.


When the clinical services of the VMH become part of Mass General, the VMH continues as an independent charitable organization focused on supporting OB/GYN research and training at Mass General’s Vincent Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.


The VMH provides significant funding to launch the Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology, a state-of-the-art laboratory where Vincent faculty and fellows explore how cells normally work and what goes wrong in gynecologic cancers, infertility, premature delivery, infections and other conditions unique to women’s health. LEARN MORE


Achieving an academic goal set in 1977, a fourth OB/GYN subspecialty fellowship is added at Mass General. Today, with continuing support from the VMH, 12 young physician-scientists pursue the demanding subspecialty training that will help them become tomorrow’s leaders in academic medicine. LEARN MORE


The nonprofit corporation formally becomes The Vincent Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc., to better reflect its role as a funding organization while recognizing its distinguished heritage as a hospital for women. A new website is launched. LEARN MORE


Conveying the latest news about Vincent achievements, a quarterly e-newsletter is launched.