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More than 80 business leaders and members of the general public attended a fall 2017 outreach event sponsored by The Vincent Memorial Hospital Foundation, with support from Gennari Aronson, LTD, and held at Wellesley College. The event showcased how innovations in digital technology are advancing OB/GYN care. To stay informed about new horizons in women’s health and future special events, CLICK HERE

Digital Health:

Digital Health:

Advancing Women’s Health Through Technology

The panel discussion included the following speakers and viewpoints:

Jeffrey L. Ecker, MD
Chief, Vincent Department of OB/GYN

As online medical information becomes increasingly available, physicians need to guide patients to decisions based on reliable information and be prepared to discuss their condition in the context of what they’ve read online.

Charles Bormann, PhD
Scientist, Fertility Center, Vincent Department of OB/GYN

Digital technology offers tremendous potential for tracking cells involved in fertility, including smartphone apps to assess sperm counts and other fertility assays.

Dan Gebremedhin, MD, MBA
Principal, Flare Capital Partners

In the last decade, electronic health records have reduced the use of paper records from 80 percent to 10 percent and also are serving as the digital platform for monitoring patients remotely and obtaining data to drive improvements in patient outcomes.

Holly Khachadoorian, MD, MBA
Vice Chair, Administration, Vincent Department of OB/GYN

Online gateways are giving patients greater access to their medical records and physicians, who need to balance this uptick in patient-doctor digital communication with their professional and personal lives.