‘The freedom is unbelievable’

At age 61, Serafina’s life was dictated by a leaky bladder. “I couldn’t laugh, walk, play with the grandkids, or go on a plane without seeking a bathroom every 30 minutes.” After carting along pads and extra clothes for months, she concluded, “This won’t do.” Her primary care doctor at Mass General referred her to the Vincent’s urogynecology team.


Vincent urogynecologist Milena Weinstein, MD, used a small incision to implant a mesh sling, designed to support a prolapsed bladder — a common problem in women, especially as they age. Serafina went home the same day.

Cruising along

Today, Serafina continues to enjoy an active home life in Everett, surrounded by pictures of her family and photo albums of exciting trips. An avid traveler, Serafina often flies to Italy to see family. She took a cruise soon after her surgery: “I’m in heaven. The freedom is unbelievable.”