‘The freedom is unbelievable’

Tasha, age 35, couldn’t bend over to pull up her socks. With multiple uterine fibroids, together about the size of a 20-week pregnancy, she was experiencing heavy bleeding. Several doctors advised open abdominal surgery, but a large scar would interfere with her dancing and body-building image.

Online Search

A Cambridge resident, Tasha began searching websites for minimally invasive gynecologic surgeons in the Boston area. Finding Douglas N. Brown, MD, the director of the Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery program at the Vincent, she insisted on a referral: “I knew where I wanted to go.”


At Mass General, an MRI revealed more than 10 fibroids, some as large as 4 inches — a difficult case to manage with a minimally invasive approach. But Dr. Brown’s expertise was a good match for the challenge. Working for five hours through four small incisions, he removed the fibroids, preserving her uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and fertility options. “After the operation, I had no pain at all,” says Tasha. “I went home in less than 24 hours.”

Family matters

“I feel amazing,” says Tasha. “It’s made a huge difference in my energy level and quality of life.” Her sister, Tycie, who has similar fibroid problems and is a body-builder who competes worldwide, is coming to Mass General from Atlanta to have Dr. Brown also perform her surgery.