Recognized worldwide for training MDs to become outstanding OB/GYN specialists, more than 800 applicants annually compete for 11 residency positions in the Massachusetts General Hospital/
Brigham and Women’s Hospital Integrated Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Each resident rotates between these two premier hospitals over a four-year period.

The program is directed by Ruth Tuomala, MD, with Vincent faculty member Amy Stagg, MD, serving as the program’s associate director at Mass General. “To mentor well, we need to look at current procedures and the most recent literature,” says Dr. Stagg (in photo, at right), mentoring resident Randi Goldman, MD (left). “The residents keep us on our toes, and our patients ultimately benefit from this emphasis on teaching excellence.”

Mentoring is more than imparting the latest medical knowledge. Upon acceptance, new residents identify factors key to supporting them as individuals, then each resident is matched with a faculty mentor, who helps them balance professional demands with personal dimensions of life. Twice a year, program leaders meet with all residents to check how everything is going. Some stay with their original mentor for the entire four years, while others switch to a faculty member closely aligned with their clinical interests or required research project.