Vincent doctors are conducting research studies worldwide, advancing women’s health in regions that face enormous challenges. In Ghana, maternal-fetal expert Blair Wylie, MD, MPH (above), co-director of the Vincent OB/GYN Global Health Program, is studying how cook fires fueled by wood or other biomasses pose a hazard to pregnant women and their babies, working to substitute these traditional cooking methods with BioLite™ cook stoves (in photo), which burn liquefied petroleum gas. In India, Tanzania and Malawi, she has studied how the malaria parasite attaches to the placenta.

In Bangladesh, Annekathryn Goodman, MD (center), who also co-directs the Global Health Program, is developing low-cost screening tests for cervical cancer, which annually claims 270,000 lives worldwide.

In Uganda, Adeline Boatin, MD (at left in photo, with a Ugandan obstetrics nurse), is helping to improve healthcare systems at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, which has only 10 faculty to annually manage 10,000 obstetric deliveries. Conditions are gradually improving, but maternal and newborn death remains high, medication in short supply, and patients often must purchase their own medical and surgical supplies.

To raise funds for Mbarara’s maternity programs and alleviate supply shortages, Dr. Wylie and Laura Riley, MD (in photo with a Ugandan infant), have founded “Mom’s Helping Moms.” For more highlights of the Vincent’s global initiatives, click here. [download PDF]