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When is a hospital more than a hospital? When it is Vincent Memorial Hospital, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to support women’s care at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Vincent Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Founded in 1891 as a freestanding hospital in Boston’s West End, the Vincent moved to Mass General in 1942. In 1988, all clinical, education and research programs became part of Mass General, and the Vincent’s unique charitable purpose was reaffirmed — to continue as an extraordinary philanthropic vehicle for advancing women’s healthcare.

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When Zdravka emigrated from Bulgaria to the United States, she pursued PhD studies in genetics, followed by a job in research. She and her husband eventually planned to have a family. “Just when we were ready to move ahead, my husband, then in his 50s, was diagnosed with prostate cancer,” she said. Mass General Fertility Center They needed to turn to other options, for which the Vincent Department…Read More

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It turns out that not every tumor is created equal, and Bo Rueda, PhD, associate director of the Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology (VCRB) and director of the MGH Vincent Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinical Fellows Research Program, is at the forefront of pioneering research about the unique characteristics of gynecologic tumors and their treatments. Rueda oversees the MGH Gynecologic…Read More

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